Monday, May 12, 2008

Whats Up?

Hello, and welcome to My Gospel Music World. This blog is born out of my love for Black Gospel Music and a desire to honor Gospel artists who paved the way for today's Contemporary, and Urban gospel artists. I grew up in Los Angeles, in the 60's and began playing acoustic piano and Hammond B3 organ at the tender age of 7. Artists like the Edwin Hawkins Singers, Andrae Crouch, and Rodena Preston and the Voices of Deliverance were my favorites. I all but destroyed the grooves on many a vinyl LP--listening to them over, and over. I have been blessed to accompany or perform with many gospel legends.

I plan to post some of my favorite releases on this blog in the near future (please bear with me as I'm brand new to blogging).

Soon to post artists are:

Stan Lee Ensemble - Tomorrow

Henry Jackson Company - Just Being Alive

Edwin Hawkins Singers - New World

Rance Allen Group - The Way It Is

The Fords - You Can Count on Me

Harrison Johnson & The L.A. Community Choir - ...Is Here

Futrel - Worth the Wait

Tony Comer and Crosswinds

Rodena Preston and the Voices of Deliverance - Holdin' On

The Benny Cummings Singers - God's Will God's Way

...and many more